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The Moxy Accountant Community

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Elevating the Art of Cannabis Accounting

About Us

We're passionate about cannabis accounting and tax issues. As a team of accountants from Moxy Accounting, we've been in the industry since 2012 and have watched this amazingly complex industry evolve in our state of Oregon.  Our tax approach is conservative, consistent, and defensible, meeting the CPA profession's high standards. We have seen a real lack of education amongst cannabis entrepreneurs and tax practitioners alike in the application and implications of 280E and we've set out to change that. Cannabis business deserves responsible, educated tax practitioners who can guide them in this incredibly important, but undervalued service.

How to Join Us: The Moxy Cohort

This is a closed community for friends of The Moxy Accountant & Moxy Cohort alumni. It is a virtual watercooler for professionals to connect and have access to resources for our specific niche of cannabis. We want a dedicated place where folks can educate themselves, exchange ideas and support each other. 

With no bright lines and no set industry standards, accountants must have the expertise and ethical fitness to make the right decisions and give the right kind of advice to their clients. That's why we created the Moxy Cohort and the Moxy Community.

Join the Moxy Cohort, an 8-week live accounting program designed for anyone who is ready to provide quality accounting and tax services to the cannabis industry. It's for those who want to do more than check boxes and file forms - but rather shape this industry as trailblazers

The Moxy Cohort will give you the tools to: 

  • Identify Risk
  • Create a Unique Initial Consultation
  • Perfect bookkeeping and documentation
  • Understand COGS and identify your bright lines
  • Prepare 280E tax returns

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